Blake E. Boster

|B.A. Biology
|Prairie/Wetland/Woodland   Ecologist (Mid-west region)
|Nature Photographer
|Food/Travel Blogger
|Certified Construction   Quality Management   (USACE)
|Wildland Fire Fighter
|US Competitive Triathlete
|MN Masters Swimming

I'm fortunate enough to have met, what I consider to be, the best person in the world to call my better half.  I don't know where I'd be without her.  Her cute face is pictured above : )

Alright, this site is for Travel Addicts, Foodies, and a little Nature Lover mixed in there as well.  

Ever since I was just a young chap, I've always gravitated towards nature.  Whether it was building a sweet hut like home down in the woods (very hobbit style), or collecting dead animal bones and bringing them back to my house to study, I've always loved it.  

I full heartedly believe that's why I decided to go into Biology during my days spent at University. 

After taking a few psychology, philosophy, and evolution classes, mixed in with the study of life (cells/bacteria), I now feel safe to sit back and observe the world from my viewpoint.  And it's a beautiful thing.  

Traveling has helped accelerate my interest in becoming a better person.  Not wanting to waste a single minute on anything that will distract from becoming better.  And we have a lot of distractions these days.  

My food inspirations come from a couple of the restaurants I've managed before, which also happen to be two of the most highly sought out places to dine in our country, if not the world (Au Cheval-Chicago // Spoon and Stable-MPLS).  That gives me a little credit in knowing what I'm talking about.  

Side note:  I read Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential a long time ago.  When he wanted to film his show inside Au Cheval when I was managing, we turned him down b/c we'd have to give up four tables for two hours, I learned a lot about restaurants that day.  Cold blooded.  // Aaaand what are the chances when Beyonce and Jay-Z came in, their server just happened to be the one that didn't know who they were because she was homeschooled and had no idea who they were.  Seriously!?...

Enjoy the blog. Oh, also music.  Because where would we be without music??  I hope you'll get something out of this!