Turtles on the Move (-->Vienna)

Had to have one more trip back in Old Town of Prague before we left for good.  The cobbled stone narrow streets swerve around, just pleading for a wooden cart to come wobbling down selling goat parts. 

Came back to the hostel, grabbed our bags, went to the metro, woops!, wrong bus station!!

Luckily we caught this after going past just one stop.  We got off, hopped back on the other direction, argued about me trying to read a sign, Breanne not hearing me and kept repeating herself to go the other direction, I got angry she was repeating herself, she said she didn't hear me, where do we go! Oh stresses of traveling. 

Eventually we found it across the street from the station, one road above, and the bus didn't even stop at the correct platform. But we saw Vienna, ran over to the bus, loaded up, and on our way.  

Also, our host that we're staying with through Airbnb says we can, "...just figure it out," when we arrive at 8:10pm, so we'll be hunting for the allpurposeful wifi, and find out what time we can get in to the place.  UPDATE:  We made it!  Walked an hour from the bus stop to the address.  Nothing was open on the way.  Found a random spot on the sidewalk that had free public wifi.  Insane.  Emailed the host, wouldn't go through, but our inbox loaded.  Kept trucking, no one at the apartment when we arrived at 10pm, went to a wifi spot we found, and had some of the most delicious pizza I've ever tried!  Host was back in 5, we checked in, and all good : )