"...pure imagination."

Vienna quite the Utopian/imperial feel to it.  Palaces dot the streets of different quadrants of the city representing the summer/winter palaces respectively.  Massive, epic Gothic cathedrals, that still ring loudly throughout the city, right in the heart of all the attraction.  The city begs you to step into a famous opera, or composition from the most famous Austrian descendant, one Wolfgang Mozart.  Authors, rulers, composers, genius' that passed through Vienna from years passed, then made the places they stopped in for coffee and conversation famous, are dispersed about.  And their chocolate cake, and every other pastry you can dream about, is a highlight that no one avoids.  Parks are simple, precise, and welcoming.  The Danube River passes along side glittering.  The shopping is extensive, expensive, and broad.  Vienna seems like it knows what it likes, and what it likes, it does very well.  

Breanne is a dessert person.  I am a potato chip/nuts...I don't know, but I'm not much of a dessert person outside of a homemade rhubarb pie.  We were able to celebrate Breanne's birthday in Vienna.  The entire city is like walking around a magical kingdom from Disney.  We had chocolate cake for breakfast with cappuccinos inside the famous Cafe Sacher.  This was the inside of a red velvet doll house with majestic large mirrors, white table cloths, servers wearing tuxedos or white linen draped aprons, and portraits of royalty hanging from the walls.

Four hours later we were sitting in the famous Cafe Central dining beneath arches of gold, and booths that wrapped around curved walls giving intimacy to your table.  The desserts in the glass case were the center of attention, and everyone pranced about trying to get the best look.  We couldn't stop smiling.  You finally have to choose a dessert, and taste it bite by bite only hoping the server will forget about you, so you can stay just a little bit longer.  Vienna was a magical place to share Breanne's birthday with her.  We capped off the night with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cheap wine back at our Airbnb.  I'll never forget it.