Taking a breather in Budapest

Budapest was just what we needed after 2 weeks of travel.  We are moving pretty quickly so far, but that's because we wanted to see as much of Europe as we could, in as short of time as possible with a limited budget.  We've got a limited budget, remember!  

Our Air BNB was just under $30 a night and was in a great location.  It had everything we needed, including a washing a machine!  The decor was super quirky, which made it even more fun.  It was nice to have a place that felt more like a home and we didn't have to share a bathroom with anyone!  Blake did a great job coming up with some meals to make at home (with a limited kitchen) and we enjoyed having a TV so that we could catch up on some news.  We even got up in the middle of the night to watch some of the debate!  It's hard to sleep knowing it's on.  We did this in Berlin, as well.  We are doing our best to stay connected.

There is a ton to see in Budapest but we also took time to get caught up on things.  It's actually pretty stressful planning our travels just a few weeks in advance.  We always had an overall structure to our trip but it takes a lot of time, research and price checking to make it all fit together.  Plus you have to think about Visa's.  There are 3 countries we know we'll be visiting that have a more complicated visa application process (India, Myanmar, and Vietnam).  We tried to get all this done before we left the US, but you can only apply within a certain window before you visit that country.  For example, once you are granted your Indian Visa, you have to enter the country within 30 days.  And you have to have an address of where you'll be staying in order to complete the visa process.  We figured it all out this week and were approved for both our Myanmar and India visa's!  

We made some good progress this week and our travels are officially booked through December 10th!  After Barcelona, we are headed to Morocco for 8 days, Jordan for 9 days, an 8 hour layover in Doha (Qatar), India for a month, and then Myanmmar!  If you've visited any of these places, your travel advice is much appreciated! 

We have our first 'Work Away' (www.workaway.info) planned and we are super excited!  We will be spending 3 weeks volunteering at a a non-profit organization that services underprivileged children in the Himalayan, West Bengal area in India.  More to come on this later!