Every night is fun in Barcelona

What a joyful place this is.  Seems like the city keeps expanding, and better things are always around the corner.  The city feels very open, and it should be, as it's right off the coast.  A city that offers delicious fresh seafood tapas, beaches, hikes up to gorgeous views of the city, ancient landmarks, and a very excitable population, shouldn't disappoint.  The city was a lot of fun, and very easily accessible.  

The way things work in Barcelona, push what you believe to be happy hour back until 8-9.  That will put your dinner around 11, espresso around 12-1, and drinks from 1-3.  Head on home.  It's insane, and it's not just young people.  Everyone's out late.  Thank you siesta.  

Being close to the ocean, and being one of the more intriguing international cities in the world, I was looking for good food, and music anywhere I could find it.  Luckily, both were easy to find.  Our first meal was an appetizer of squid, cockles, anchovy, muscles, and shrimp.  Unbelievable.  Swear to you, all you need, are fresh ingredients.  Being from the midwest, I can't get the seafood as accessible.  Their markets have fish everywhere.  This little platter had a little olive oil, red pepper, and that was it.  So good.  Most tapas restaurants are going for sausage and cheese small bites.  Think Lunchable on steroids.  These were good, but still anything that touched the sea, I wanted.  They had this tomato bread that was toasted, olive oil, and fresh tomatoes pressed within the bread.  With anchovies, it works really really well.  

We were staying in a hostel within an 8 bed dorm.  Why go to bed early when you have the chance of being woken up 6 different times??  One of the things I became aware of with hostels is everyone is doing it for the same reason, and this is obvious, to save money specifically for travel.  There's a feeling of great community when everyone understands why they're doing it.  Everyone I met was trying to travel more.  In order to get farther (for most people), you need to save money.  Met some great people, got more than a few great tips, and saved some money.  

Breanne and I linked up for a music fest that went from 6-4 am.  Perfect for checking out music while staying out late relatively cheap.  Some of the highlights were an Australian duo, American rock band, an awesome DJ, and an interesting, complicated singer from Ecuador.  We'd pop out and head for a pitcher of delicious sangria at a local establishment.  One of the nights we went over to a bar frequented by Hemingway (where didn't that guy drink!?), built in 1880, had a large glass of absinthe, which matched perfectly with some Lays potato chips, which is a beautiful combination.  Also had some cheap wine and fun conversations with the bartender.

Barcelona is filled with tiny restaurants squeezed together, and each are crazy unique within their own right.  Very open and very accessible.