"Is that the cheese, or did you just fart?"

Cheese cheese cheese, funkier the better...

Bread and cheese can go a long way for Breanne and I.  Luckily in Paris, a great baguette, and cheese aren't too far away at any time, and for the price, you can't beat it.

According to Bre-Steves (Breanne and Rick Steves combined for those keeping score), Parisians (Paris folk), grocery shop almost daily.  Reasons being, refrigerator's are usually small, produce needs to be fresh, and Parisians love to see each other and catch up while checking out which tomato to pick up. 

Without driving hardly ever back in Chicago, Breanne and I are used to picking up small loads at a time back at our local grocery store. And now, it will be put into full effect, with us travelling around as much as we will be.  We're looking forward to cooking in some shared kitchen spaces at our upcoming stops.