Blown Away by Paris

A few things I've learned: The language is beautiful.  People love conversation (and not their phones).  The food (even at bars) is prepared with thoughtfulness and skill.  The city goes on forever, and you want it to.  The whole feel is very welcoming and "why not" attitude.  I suppose in a setting that has bread, cheese, pastries, and fresh fruit on any corner, plus cafe's (that are everywhere) openly asking you to sit down for an espresso, you'll get a feel for sharing and conversation.  

Also learned that not every bottle of wine in France is going to be good (we're going for under 5 Euro), and the espresso isn't much better than a cup of coffee you would get at a diner, only a lot stronger, which does the job.  

Breanne and I will continue our tradition today.  Cheese to complement the wine.  Wine to complement the cheese.  Espresso, espresso, espresso : )