Holy Art Berlin!!

Did not know you were so full of it my ever-so-changing friend.  

Berlin's crazy.  As one bartender put it, everything was bombed, and built back up to look the way it was before 1950...

Art scene heavy, factory based techno, comfort food abound, and everyone drinking beer EVERYWHERE.  East-West Berlin, a city that has its past built up from the streets everywhere you go, you can't escape it.  

First night, Breanne wasn't feeling well so I popped out by myself.  Wanted to hit up this art gallery in East Berlin called Urban Spree that was having an opening night film fest party with DJ's to follow.  Find the spot tucked away in an alley, small entrance with no sign, party on the roof.  Damn.  Breanne's not with me!!  So I walked back to the train, and met her back at Nils' apartment for a ham sandwich before bed : )

We've seen a good deal of the city.  Tough to get a feel for it so far.  Seems like the city has something churning about that's deep, but I can't grasp it yet.  Might have to spend more than 4 days here to get it!  Art scene is so much fun though.  The Berlin wall is covered in spots for artists to depict any scene they want.  The star of David within the German flag kept making me look back at it.  Haven't been into any of the plethora of art museums here, but there's plenty in the streets.