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Trekking through the Atlas mountains to get to Merzouga (the western part of the Sahara Desert) was a good experience to start backwards, and see what these travelers would go through to get to specific points in their journey.  I'm sure it would be disappointing to get through the desert only to see the mountains standing in your way of reaching the sea!  But mostly they would make their way through valleys, and stay within Kasbah's.  Kasbah's are structures which are usually connected together, and act as homes, hotels, and places for commerce for travelers.  A collection of kasbah's are called a ksar.  

Leaving elevation, and heading toward the arid climate can make you feel uneasy.  Not many things in life appreciate and flourish in the desert, and you can feel the desolation as you continue on.  

Camels are the most efficient way to travel the Sahara, as they are well adapted to walk up and down sand dunes, carry heavy loads, and withstand days without nutrients.  They have an ability to regurgitate their food, and continue to break it down.  They also have the storage of water.  Taking camels through the desert by no means will be quick however, and you can't blame them, as the sand is always shifting beneath their hooves.  

Nothing smells fresh, but the air is light.  Shades of yellow and blue are the only colors you see the entire time, with an occasional passing of a green scraggly bush.  The wind pushes sand along, and covers the tracks previously laid.  The magic begins when the sun goes down, and the stars come out.  

A to B
Infinite.  What else is there.  Unfulfilled.  Alone.  

It is here
Endless sea, stranded in time
Time is of no essence anyway, getting from A to B is all that exists
Take away the objective, and you'll be stranded forever
Step back, step forward, no one was there
Fire of energy flows, a chance to make cover does not exist
Slowly, not fast, Hiding in the open
Beginning to wonder if that last breath was taken
The presence of wind is a reminder of being with company

A to B  

Diamonds begin to show their hand as it cools from above
Walking along the seafloor, having never felt the feeling of floating before
Some diamonds are pristine, brightly shining, and settled
Others are dangling from thistle, an ornament from above
Leap, grasp, silence, close enough to touch
Eyes wide open, Mouth agape
Beginning to wonder if that last breath was taken
Exotic flashes shoot across in an attempt to keep you forever
Galaxies, plethora, clusters suction your existence into the sand
The jewels begin to fade, although they never intended to stay
Blackness recedes
Light returns
Dreams fade
Silence is deafening, the sun is cruel
Why does he only chase me
I begin to wonder if that last breath was taken
A to B

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