Yoga time! Free class everyday!

Got there 30 min early to ensure we'd get into the class and get a spot at the back (for me).  One issue was not knowing where the teacher would stand.  Finally another person came in, faced the front, and we figured it out.  The small space could hold probably around 12 mats total.  The teacher arrived 25 min late, which was great to allow me to do some additional pre-stretches.  Breanne was ready to go.  The room was mostly full.  

Music begins, and we've got a rave going on.  Straight up techno.  Start marching.  Start marching faster.  Get those arms loose.  Get those stomps up and down.  Start doing butt-kicks.  Let's get moving!!

Eventually we slowed it down.  Got in to some twists, and bends.  We never did any actual yoga moves, except maybe 3.  This class was more Pilates than anything.  Great ab workout!  
After the workout, started with some nostril cleansing, and breathing techniques.  Very interesting.  Breath in, push air out bringing your diaphragm in.  More difficult than you think.  Breanne was yelled at by the teacher that she was doing it wrong. 

Finished with some strong tiger like roars.  Hands and knees, lower chin, raise the head, stick out the tongue, put some fierceness into your eyes, and scream like a tiger!!!  AAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!