Here's a little story about Jimmy

Jimmy's a stray dog, yellow lab-ish, big pointy ears, older.

We're fond of dog's, among other animals.  

Jimmy found us the first day we arrived in Sarangkot, a giant hill of sorts that our taxi couldn't promise us he'd be able to make it up, and we may have to get a jeep to take us.  It overlooks Pokhara, and gets you a closer view to the Himalayas.  

We were walking along the road to see how far around the hill we could get when Jim popped out.  

Oh!  He looks friendly.  "Hi!  Hi there!  Are you a good boy?  You seem real nice!" (Breanne)
He is.  He's the best.  

I'm cautioning Breanne to stop talking like that as we keep walking along, but even I couldn't hide all the way from his friendship.  

We had about a half mile walk back.  Jim kept up.  It was getting near dark, and there are few lights still lit up.  There's a red beeping light for airplanes not to hit us, a giant spotlight on the other side, and all in one shop/home/restaurants that have their small yellow lights on from the inside.  We stopped to grab a couple beers and a water.  Jim still hanging.  

We need to climb about 75 stairs made of rock up to our hotel, which passes more shops/homes/restaurants, on its way to about 75 more stairs to the very top of this hill.  We stopped halfway up the staircase, one to catch our breath, and two to see if Jimmy would continue to follow us, and if he does, what are we going to do!?!

Well, he laid down two steps above us, and just hung out until we were to get up again. 
We got up, and Jim came with.  

The outside terrace is large, and you don't have to go through the hotel to get there.  Jim liked that.  We liked that. 

We drank our beers, and Jimmy found a spot in the corner that blocked the wind.  We began to get cold, and decided to retire back to our room.  Jimmy?

I'm saying no the entire time.  Breanne kept saying it'd be fine. 

We began walking to our room, Jim popped his head up, and ran happily after us.  Wait up guys!

We all went through the four season room that separates the terrace and the guest rooms.  We got to our room, opened the door, and Jim stayed back.  I was putting some stuff down, and Breanne is talking to Jim so happily to come in.  "Come on!  Come on in!"

Jim was extremely happy.  Don't know if I've seen a dog so happy before.  But he was hesitant. 
I acted quickly, "Breanne, there's no way this can happen."

I grabbed my beer, headed out, and closed the door for Jimmy to follow me back.  I didn't know where I was going, but Jimmy was following me.  I got to a point, Jim got a scent, I thought I was in the clear, I ran back.  Cowardice. 

I locked the door, and Breanne and I didn't know what to do.  We just met a terrific friend.  He was very soft, very kind, and understood emotions very well.  But we can't allow a stray dog into a hotel.  It's not our place!

I asked if I should check to see if he's out there.  I took two steps to the door, and we heard him sniffing under the door.  

We actually walked the next afternoon, and night looking for him.  I even looked down the hill for an even more dramatic ending to our acquaintance.  I shook that off.  I don't even know what I was looking for.  
Woke up for the sunrise the day we were leaving.  For some reason I walked up those 25 remaining steps to the top an hour before the sun would actually rise.  But it gave me some time to think, and overlook the lights of Pokhara.  Lots of people were passing by me, as this is a popular event to watch the sunrise come over the Himalayan mountains.  Pitch black out.

I was sitting off to the side on a wooden plank by myself.  I felt a nose aggressively jam into my back.  I thought, holy smokes, this dog is extremely aggressive.  What the heck.  It's Jimmy!  "Jimmy!"  I gave him a big hug and scratches.  I by the way from the beginning was not trying to lead him back to us, and was very un-affectionate towards him.  Couldn't help myself now though.  I was happy I had a chance to see him again.  He seemed like he was doing fine.  Just another morning scrounging around.  

He came back again a few minutes later, almost to say, "Well have a good rest of your trip.  If you ever come back up here, remember, I could probably use a nice sheltered night for once.  Tell the other with long blonde hair, I'll think of her!"  And he was off.  I waited for another 10 minutes, saw the clouds would cover the sunrise anyway, and headed back down.