It's come up before, what will you take away from this?

Being thankful for what we have (duh!). 

But it is interesting to think about, will this ultimately be better because of our new experiences, or will we have a clearer understanding of what we truly miss back home. 

They go hand in hand, but it is striking what you end up missing back home.  Hot water.  Any hot water is a good, good thing.  Homes for stray dogs is always nice.  Toilets are a great invention.  So are paper towels.  Purified accessible tap water, really huge.  

Also, that feeling you get when you reach those lazy Sundays doing yard work, watching football, and making chili.  The quick phone call to your brother to say something really stupid that makes no sense, and then hang up.  Calling your mom anytime you want.  

We chose to do this little adventure.  Some people are forced to travel and leave their families behind.  Much respect to the people that are on tour for military, professionals leaving because they feel their field needs them more in another country, and how about refugees that are split between borders.

Breanne and I are very thankful to our families.  We miss our friends very much.  We may miss our dog most.  At times it's hard thinking about being away from everyone.  Other times, you're happy of the new experiences, and feel blessed for the opportunity.  


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