Backpacker: 48 Hrs in Berlin (Food Guide)

All of these guides are designed to pin point food stops along the way of the major attractions within a city.  Everyone gets hungry, and why not know where to go.  Maybe most importantly, show you where to get that espresso.  Follow the map numerically per day, and keep an eye out for the food stops (in green).  


Enjoy your time in this ever so changing and transitioning city. 

{Blue icon: Day 1, Orange icon: Day 2, Green icon: Food & Drink}
{Use the top left icon within the map to navigate within} 

Day 1

Rocket fuel up (espresso) at Refinery High End Coffee.  Overlooks the Danube River, great espresso, and will get you on your way.  Passing by the Reichstag Building, and underneath the Bradenburg Gate, scope out a gentleman passing out pretzels at a cheap price.  He may or may not be riding a bicycle.  

The Day one walking tour is a long little trek, well worth it full of history.  If you need to refuel halfway, a little espresso/crepe stand is on the southern side of the Berlin Cathedral Church.  Who doesn't love a nutella/banana crepe??  Seriously. 

Finally, at the end of the tour, we've arrived.  At Heaven?  Yes.  Alexanderplatz, where you'll listen to polka, drink the ever-flowing beer, and eat pretzels and bratwursts.  Take a load off, and do a little hop and a jig to that wonderful, wonderful accordion sound.  Down the street is another fun spot for a large stein of beer, at one of Germany's famous Hofbrau houses.  

Yaam (Young and African Art Market) is a wonderful place to catch a completely different vibe within Berlin.  As you keep walking, you'll reach the captivating East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall in which artists were invited from around the world to express themselves.  

An absolutely wonderful spot to hang out after all of that walking, is the Honolulu Cafe.  They've done such a wonderful job with the space, in making it one that feels like you can lounge, relax, and book that bus/train ticket you've been meaning to do, have an espresso, have a cocktail or beer, they have it all.   

A little schnitzel for dinner?  You've been waiting for me to say that.  Enjoy great comfort German food at Speisihaus Berlin, that hits just the spot.  A nice dark little bar to grab a drink after, is a place called ­­­Soylent Bar.  No frills, but has everything you'll need to unwind.   

Day 2

Rocket fuel up at Hashtag Coffee.  A wonderful little coffee shop with a very enchanting and friendly staff that may entice you to stay a little longer.   When you're ready to leave, make sure to take your time through the two exquisite free sites in the walking tour at Territory of Terror and Checkpoint Charlie.  Lots of history here.  

Two options for the next stop and they both may be the best food you'll eat while in Berlin.  From tiny little stands nonetheless!  Currywurst is a must, and Mustafa's just down the street will also have you waiting in lines, but it is very worth it.  Currywurst delivers the simple fried food we've become accustomed to, except they happen to excel at sausages and fries.  Mustafa's specialize in something else we're becoming more and more accustomed to, kebabs.  They also deliver exceptionally well, while also being well under budget.  

A beer to wash it all down is a little ways away.  Dolden Madel is a craft beer house, specializing in their own beer as well as others.  20 beers in total should satisfy your needs.  If you cannot decide, they do offer flights of beer as well.  Keep heading further south telling your partner you want to look at the pretty flowers, or listen to the birds within Viktor Park.  Only to trick them into a wonderful beer garden at Golgatha Gastattan!

The Turkish influence is rampant across Europe, and Berlin certainly has one of the more settled Turkish communities here in Kruezburg.  Hasir is a great restaurant to see this influence, and hospitality.  SO32 is a fun place to pop in for a beer, and listen to some punk rock.  

Later in the night, if you can get a seat, Hop & Barley provides a terrific atmosphere for a great beer, even better meal, and even better conversation.  

Hope you enjoyed Berlin!