Backpacker: 48 Hrs in Budapest (Food Guide)

All of these guides are designed to pin point food stops along the way of the major attractions within a city.  Everyone gets hungry, and why not know where to go.  Maybe most importantly, show you where to get that espresso.  Follow the map numerically per day, and keep an eye out for the food stops (in green).  


Relax, you're in the ever so content with itself Budapest!

{Blue icon: Day 1, Orange icon: Day 2, Green icon: Food & Drink}
{Use the top left icon within the map to navigate within} 

Get your rocket fuel (espresso) with Tamp & Pull Espresso Bar, take a stroll on the beautiful Danube river, and get ready for a nice walk around Budapest.  About mid day, you'll get to Heroes Square, and Szechenyi Park and Bath, so have an eye out for a grocery store to pick up some picnic stuff if you'd like.  It's actually a nice walk from the Opera, all the way to Heroes square looking at all the different architecture along the way.  Also, bump in to the Cat Cafe before you reach the square.  Please stop in.  Have some tea.  Have some coffee.  Just go in and sit down.  Look at the cats.  It's amazing.  Then go check out the square, take some pictures of the Seven Cheiftans of of the Magyars,  and run to the Baths!!!!  They're amazing!!

How about that bath, Eh?  A really nice quirky restaurant that knows how to plate it's Hungarian dishes, is Koleves Vendeglo.  Rustic and creative combined for a nice meal.  If you felt pampered back at the baths, get ready for our next stop for dessert.  Head to the ever so extravagant New York Cafe.  Why does someone need to be playing the violin while you drink very expensive hot chocolate?  Why isn't there someone always playing the violin while you're drinking very expensive hot chocolate?  New York Cafe still holds all the charm and class you can ask for.  

Szimpla Kert.  Say it with me: Szimpla Kert.  Come here every night.  Or head to all of the ruin pubs, and then come back to this one.  It's amazing.  A ruin pub's are fit with an outdoor space enclosed from within.  And Szimpla has everything you could ask for among its 8 or so bars, a beautiful eccentric outside setting fit with an old trabant 1950s car, and black and white silent movies being played off the building wall next door.  Just have fun. 

Day 2

Big day ahead, so rocket fuel will be needed.  Espresso Embassy is a good spot for the boost, as you can choose from a couple different espresso types.  After, keep that eye out for more picnic items, as Margaret Park and the Lucacs Baths will be perfect to enjoy the outdoors.  

The Castle district after the park and bath is a beautiful place to overlook the Pest side of Budapest.  If you can time it right, when the sun goes down, The Szechenyi Chain Bridge and Parliament building look fantastic at night.  I assure you, Fisherman's Bastion is a the best place to take in the views, and to take pictures.  There are a lot of restaurants that have tourist prices on top of the hill, but one that is reasonable, is Aranyhordo Etterem.  The crispy duck leg hits the spot.

Walking back down the hill and over the bridge, DeVino Wine Bar rewards you with a fun atmosphere and plentiful Hungarian wine varietals to choose from.  Doesn't hurt that St Stephens Basilica is right next door either.  And then go back to Szimpla Kert.  No?  Well, there's the Food Truck Karavan just a few doors down if you missed it the first night calling you name.  And then hop back in Szimpla ; )

Enjoy your time in Budapest!