Backpacker: 48 Hrs in Vienna (Food Guide)

All of these guides are designed to pin point food stops along the way of the major attractions within a city.  Everyone gets hungry, and why not know where to go.  Maybe most importantly, show you where to get that espresso.  Follow the map numerically per day, and keep an eye out for the food stops (in green).  


Welcome to Disneyland.  I mean, Vienna.  

{Blue icon: Day 1, Orange icon: Day 2, Green icon: Food & Drink}
{Use the top left icon within the map to navigate within} 

Starting off with a bang, Cafe Sacher Torte is a delicious way to start the day.  Oh and we'll be eating cake for the majority of the day today...Glamorous, old fashioned, and that moist, perfect chocolately bite of sacher torte chocolate cake.  The staff knows what's up.  Pop in, grab a slice of cake and a cappuccino, and get outta there already!  

Hopefully you worked up an appetite throughout the Hofburg Palace and Austrian National Library, more cake is steps away at Cafe Central.  Why not space it out more?  Because there's so much chocolate cake everywhere in Vienna!  Cafe Central also does a very nice job in the kitchen if you'd like to dive into one of their entrees.  

Grab some hot wine, a pastry, or some hazelnuts from the little stands dispersed around the city.  Head into the majestic St Stephansdom cathedra.  One of the sites that is actually free to step in.  Don't worry if you felt you're leaving the people watching too early.  We're coming back to this same spot later in the night.  Next stop is Schubert Denkmel Park.  A nice place to have a romantic stroll, and sit and listen to the birds.  After grab a beer at 1516 Brewery, and enjoy the beer garden outside.  

Hopping on the ring transportation is a fun activity.  You can buy the tourist pass, which costs a little more than just using your metro card.  If you do use your metro card, you do need to transfer.  Nonetheless, feel free to get off anywhere.  But be sure to head back to St Stephansdom for a banana split at Aida right off the cathedral.  Makes for wonderful people watching at night.  

Cap off the night with a beer in the wonderfully dark, brick-laced cellar of Beer Street.  A beautiful selection of over 30 taps, and an atmosphere that's difficult to duplicate.  

Day 2

Today is about two huge palaces and parks, and you'll want some food along the way.  I honestly can't think of a better market to pick up items for a picnic In Vienna, than Naschmarket.  They have fish, bread, cheese, fruits, restaurants, espresso, and stuffed olives.  Everything you could ask for to enjoy a picnic among royalty. 

For a great local beer, Bierreither Gastwirtschaft is a great brewery, and have nice German food to relax your tired bones.  Arguably the best sacher torte chocolate cake is at yet another delightful bakery located back by the Hofburg Palace, Demel.  You can also get these cakes to go, with disposable forks, and enjoy your cake anywhere you want. 

The opera is nice, and standing room tickets are offered at a deeply discounted rate if you show up 90 minutes early on the day of the show.  If you'd like to spend some extra coin after the performance, 25 hrs is a nice spot for a cocktail over looking the city at night.  

Hope you enjoyed Vienna!