We made our journey down to one of the largest mosques in the world, whose minaret is the tallest.  This is a beautiful structure located right on the Atlantic Ocean, with a glass floor over looking the rocky coast for prayers, and a retractable roof.  

What we didn't realize, was that the mosque was built in a developing area with not a lot going on.  We ended up walking a 5k along the coast to some restaurants that were supposed to be great and recommended by locals, however did not know it was surrounded by very low income housing.  A very interesting sight to see, with slums butted up against the coast, and not highrise condos or hotels.  Seems as though gentrification has lost this battle.

So we kept on trucking down the way, and low and behold, on top of a hill, was a 5 star hotel, that overlooks the ocean.  Sat down for a couple $5 espressos (free cookies, piano and singer and WATER!!), and thought what an interesting walk.  

Went to the mall next door, loaded up on groceries, grabbed a cab, and headed back to our hotel. 

Everyone in Morocco believes there's nothing in Casablanca to do, except business, and transport.  We only spent a night here, but it definitely has the feel of a big metropolis, decent transport, and bustling nightlife.  

Verdict is still out.