How about this for an idea for a place.  We'll set up the houses and shops, sure sure.  But we need to have an Olympic stadium built pronto.  Where is the temple for Hercules!  We need an even bigger temple for Artemis!  Also a gateway to the temple of Artemis!  And a gateway, to the gateway, for the temple of Artemis!  

Crazy ass Romans.  

Walking around the ruins of Jerash is very interesting (said Captain Obvious).  But really it is.

You can gain a sense of what it was like with no TV, or cell phones.  They created the hippodrome, which was created for athletic events.  They had a decently sized amphitheater for entertainment.  Some great viewpoints of the valley, cool temples to hang out around, and commerce (like an old olive oil press still standing), dispersed throughout.  

It leaves you with a feeling that, yes you can survive without a cell phone, and you might actually enjoy it.  And then you get into your car, pull out your cell phone, and wait for Siri to tell you which way to turn.