The Promised Land

Mount Nebo (The spot where Moses is buried)

This little historic spot was on our way to the Dead Sea, and being confirmed within the Christian tradition, Breanne and I have actually heard of this story where Moses is said to have seen the promised, but ironically forced to stay where he was.  It's also thought to be his burial site.  

We drive up in elevation to a spot that does indeed look out into the valley below, of the Dead Sea, Israel, and Palestinian territories.  

Breanne and I thought, Finally!  After years of waking up early on Sundays, and hours spent answering very old historical questions, finally, we have visited a spot labeled in the Bible as important.  Whew!  Cross that off the bucket list!
It was really nice.  Breanne and I dangled our feet off the edge, had a little moment to ourselves, and headed back for our car.