Backpacker: 48 Hrs in Paris

All of these guides are designed to pin point food stops along the way of the major attractions within a city.  Everyone gets hungry, and why not know where to go.  Maybe most importantly, show you where to get that espresso.  Follow the map numerically per day, and keep an eye out for the food stops (in green).  

**In every other Backpacker: 48 Hrs, I've found restaurants that are worth your visit.  In Paris, there are different rules to the game.  Every cafe is good.  Everyone has espresso.  I couldn't afford the really nice restaurants, so I can't review those anyway.  But each cafe I ate at, I was blown away by the preparation, and finish of each plate.  Also the plentiful bakeries to pop in and grab a croissant to start the morning are insane.  This is truly a magical city for food.  Also, be prepared to stop at a stand and throw whatever they're selling into your bag for a picnic in the future.  So I didn't label any restaurants.  Just head out, and have fun.  


A true city of romance. 

{Blue icon: Day 1, Orange icon: Day 2}
{Use the top left icon within the map to navigate within} 

Day 1

The first stop is the Louvre, so I'd suggest getting plenty of sleep the night before, and beating the crowds early to this museum.  Maybe just something light, and of course espresso to get you going.  There's a nice park right outside if you still have some left over bread or cheese from the day before you'd like to bring.  Stop at a cafe outside the Eiffel Tower, but be weary as you approach the Champs Elysses, as the prices will rise dramatically.  

The trip up north to see the Scare-Coeur Basilica is a bit of a hike.  You may want to eat a little something before this.  Extremely cute restaurants just below this hill.  Always try and get off the main tourist attraction sites, and more in the neighborhood for a great experience.  Within the Moulin Rouge neighborhood, there are plenty of restaurants, but air on the side of the tourist.

Day 2

Tons of fresh air today.  Beautiful parks, architecture, and of course, great food.  You must look for the stands selling fresh bread, cheese, dried fruits, and olives next to Luxembourg Park.  Perfect spot for relaxing.  

The Pompidou at night, from the 5th floor on the outside, you'll get a great show of the Eiffel Tower shining its lights at night.