Arrived at 6AM, and allowed to check in!!  We think they’re used to dealing with people arriving very early.  It’s such a hospitable act to do.  

We went to bed and woke up…

The first day of any new city, it’s ALWAYS fun to just go out and walk without having a very strict agenda.  We were blasted in the face with a 10x10 block local market going on.  Local meaning no tourists, tight quarters, lots of looks, and local commerce in action.  We made it to our south Indian restaurant, and it was a new experience for us.  Very salty, spicy, yellow, and delicious.  We like southern Indian cuisine, but prefer northern more. 

Then made our way to the happiest of all happy hours.  Overlooking the Ayeyarwady River, we sat down for a coffee and relaxation.  Turned into splitting a beer.  Then 5’oclock hit, and free cocktails were passed about.  If you wanted more of the local rum mixed with orange juice, they were happy to keep your glasses filled.  Peanuts on the table kept us afloat, but enough was enough, and we had to go.  

Street food!  Perfect when you’ve been drinking.  Perfect when they’re cooking quail eggs with tomato and spicy green chilis.  Perfection!

They have beer stations all over the place in Myanmar.  This consists of cold beer yes, an open space of plastic chairs, and tables, mostly European futbol on the tvs hanging, and relatively simple vegetarian and noodle dishes.  All insanely cheap.  Heaven?  Yes. 

The main attraction in Mandalay, is the U Bein Bridge.  We arrived after visiting a very informative temple.  We negotiated with our taxi driver from there down in price, and to be able to take us and drop us back off at our hotel after the bridge.  

U Bein Bridge is the longest teak wood bridge in the world, and sets everyone up for fantastic sunset views.  Mostly tourists are lined up along the bridge, some in long boats beneath the bridge, but the bridge still manages to give an authentic feel.