We're going to miss this guy.

Coda came in to our lives a little over 4 years ago.  Both Blake and I had a dog growing up and we couldn't wait to get a dog of our own.  We rescued Coda from a place down in southern Illinois and he became our baby.  Over the years, as we've talked about potentially moving abroad, Coda was the main things holding us back.  We couldn't talk about leaving him without getting teary eyed.  

When we started seriously talking about traveling long term, we had to get over those emotions and figure out what we could do with him.  Obviously, the only option would be for him to live with our parents.  I knew it was a lot to ask my parents since they both still work and have a dog of their own, but they didn't hesitate and said of course they could take him!  Thank you mom and dad!  Coda is probably happier with you, living in a big house, with a yard, a dog friend, and long walks twice a day!  I know you're spoiling your grand-dog as much, if not more than we did!

This little guy has our hearts, and we'll miss him like crazy : )