Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh was a blast!  We stayed in a central part of the city so it was extremely walk-able for us.  Most people take tuk tuk's around town for $1-3 but we mostly enjoyed exploring the streets on foot.  The main tourist attractions consist of the royal palace, some temples, and the museum and killing fields dedicated to the Cambodian Genocide.  Most guide books suggest 2 days in Phnom Penh to see all the main sites.  We were here for New Years and wanted to relax a bit, so we had 4 full days of exploring. 

Day one in Phnom Penh was one for the books.  Blake put together a nice little walking tour that took us to the main areas.  After a couple hours getting the lay of the land, Blake decided we should try some local street food.  A woman was making sandwiches with French baguettes, fresh pickles, a sweet and sour sauce, a spicy sauce and we weren't quite sure what as the filler.  We took a few bites and started debating what the main filler might be.  It was odd shaped pieces and we joked that we were probably eating a testicle sandwich.  We didn't finish it after discussing what it may have been.... I wish we had remembered to take a photo.

We spent a few hours at a local cafe working on our blog and recovering from our sandwich.  Blake spotted a place across the street to get a haircut, so we ventured over.  We were greeted by rainbow flags and 3 small dogs.  Turns out, it was a gay bar and a hair salon.  Blake got the most detailed haircut I've ever seen and I played with the dogs.  It only cost $7 for his haircut!  

We continued our walk and came across some more street food, but this time it was clearly seafood.  We ordered grilled prawns, crab and squid.  It was delicious and only about $6.  We went in search of a bar and came across a board game cafe.  They talked us into staying for a drink and taught us how to play a few games.  We learned 'Seven Wonders Duel' and 'Exploding Kittens'. It was hilarious.

We stopped in a few more bars and restaurants and were utterly impressed with Phnom Penh by the end of the day.  

The rest of our time in Phnom Penh consisted of more exploring, more street food, more cafe's, New Years Eve fun, and lots of relaxation.  They have some nice malls and we even saw a movie.  The river walk is enjoyable at any time of day.  The parks are well kept.  They have tons of outdoor markets.  The red light district is fun for people watching, filled with massage parlors, escort services, and plenty of older white men ushering around younger Cambodian women.  The city has great happy hour specials at any time of the day.  You can get a can of beer for 75 cents, 2 for one cocktails at $2.50 or cheap glasses of wine for $2 or $3.  

We loved this city and hope to return again someday!