ToM Cambodia

It got real.  No idea where to go.  The bus leaves to meet you on the other side, and people say you have 1 hour to get through and back on the bus.  As soon as you get off the bus, everyone's trying to help you..or get you to do something you don't need to do, and then pay them for it...

We escaped the madness from getting off the bus, crossing a street, and not finding any signs saying, "Arrival/Departure."  One guy tried giving us departure cards our airline already gave us back in Thailand, but we also escaped that one as we had our departure card, and found the Departure building down the street a little ways.  

Line was fairly long, but not as bad as 3 min after we walked in, and two tourist buses got off with a lot of Russians wearing their swimsuits and see through beach shirts, ready to go to the beach.  No where near the beach, but I like their enthusiasm.  

Popped out of departure, walked down the street.  Kept walking down the street.  "Are we in Cambodia yet??"  No idea.  We just kept walking down the street while trucks, lots of motorbikes, and cars are trying to get through the border.  We randomly found the Arrival building, and a random guy gave us an arrival card to fill out while speaking with someone else.  Filled it out, handed over our visa, and walked out into Cambodia.  "Did we even need to go in there?"  Of course we did to leave the country, but literally, it's so easy to miss.  

Found the bus (also randomly), which was parked behind us.  The info we got was to cross the street and look for it...The bus driver was absolutely madness.  Slamming on the brakes, and liberally using his horn whenever he had the chance.  Parked in Phnom Penh, and had a late night tuk tuk ride to our hotel.  Perfect.