ToM Bali

Woke up around 5AM, walked down the road to find a tuk-tuk. Just the best way to get to an airport. 

The counter wasn't open yet, and we were under two hours before our flight took off.  Finally, through a scramble of which counter would be open, they began taking information for our flight. 

Priority Pass Lounge Siem Reap:

Two different kinds of smoothies, omelettes to order, and fresh fruit.  Newspapers for the news, and a wide open comfy setting.  Hopped out back into the airport, and got on the plane. 

Transit through the Kuala Lumpur airport was interesting.  We had to go through immigration, collect our bags, and travel by train ($1) to another terminal.  It was pretty stressful.  You can pay AirAsia an extra fee to do it for you, but we had a long enough layover, we'd be fine.  

Priority Pass Lounge Kuala Lumpur:

Well, I took a shower.  It was AMAZING. 

The lunch buffet they were serving was a nice salad, noodles (of course), rice and a curry of sorts.  Free beverages, a nice cappuccino, and really comfy chairs to relax in and charge whatever you needed to charge.  Espresso, soda water, and internet is an amazing combination!!

Arrived in Bali, and received about 20 different quotes for a taxi.  Our place was close enough that we could leverage, and eventually got it waaay down from the original estimate.  Success. 

We were dropped off within an alley, next to busy bars with live music.  We had to find the manager of the building to let us in.  Kind of hectic, but a local tattoo artist helped us out.  

Dropped our stuff, checked the place out, and were ready to see Bali : )