Moving Day

You got back from a 6 month trip around the world, sold your condo, and are moving to a new state!?  Yes. 

Minnesota, Hello!

Breanne was offered a very attractive job working for Minnesota Rubber and Plastic in Human Resources and Recruiting. 

I dropped an email to a restaurant I had met when they were in Chicago for the James Beard Awards, Spoon and Stable.  The timing worked out perfectly, and I landed the Assistant General Manager job. 

Now, we’re living in a hotel, with our dog, in a suburb of Minneapolis (Noooo!!!).  It’s not that bad.  Free breakfast : )  And Breanne’s job is paying for it (thank you!!!). 

So, with our relocation package, new jobs, new state, I’m just trying to get a fishing license so I can finally start relaxing!

Also, being this close to so many great campgrounds, I couldn’t help but get out as quickly as I could.  Took Coda with and enjoyed a campfire with just the two of us, a hammock, and bottle of wine. 

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