Wrapping It All Up

Wrapping it all up.   Wrapping it all up…

I mean, it was amazing.  I’m nervous to get back into the swing of things, because I don’t want the feeling of being trapped.  The American culture is so consumed by work, and not experiencing anything outside of sporting events, and who’s cheating on who.  Alright, I lived in a small town so that second one is unfair to the whole, but still…

The experiences were insane.  I think the way I used to vacation was all about hitting up the popular touristy sites.  What I experienced while traveling was these sites are usually the furthest point away from the actual culture of a country.  They’re set up like a theme park, and everyone plays a role. 

Unlike if you go to an offshoot neighborhood, and pop into a local bakery.  Or sitting down at a food cart in Yangon, Myanmar to eat a bowl of soup.  You get the feel of a place as the people pass by. 

Taxi drivers are still the best tour guides around. They’re so full of knowledge and passion.  Also the easiest to rip you off, but that’s beside the point.  Just be on your toes. 

That term, “just be on your toes,” holds a lot of truth.  Some countries, people can sense fear.  When you look frustrated, like you’re just about to throw your bags down, and pray to transport out of there in thin air, they’ll eat you alive.  Take a deep breath, relax, and speak to them as you would speak to a friend.  A simple look into their eyes and a smile changes everything. 

The food while traveling was probably my favorite part.  I attach so many of my memories directly with food.  This is easy to do, because we usually need to eat a few times a day. 

So much respect for the hot drink in the morning or afternoon.  Whether that’s tea or coffee, everyone has something.  It’s usually added as a goodwill gesture which just makes you more appreciative of their culture. 

Now, I was with my wife for six straight months.  How did I survive!?

I found that a lot of people were interested in that. 

We got into one heated disagreements, and it was about which two countries we would get to, and trying to figure out how to meet up with Breanne’s parents.  I took a walk around the block, and missed her before I finished the block.

The love we have for each other now is immeasurable by anything known.  We know each other’s buttons maybe better than we know them ourselves. 

Money is relative.  It doesn’t matter.  Pick and choose your battles.  Relax.  Find yourself.  Make purchases and don’t fret.  Learn from your mistakes : )

Hell of a trip.

Can’t wait to leave again…