ToM Japan

Another early wake up.  Got up at 430, to take a taxi at 515 to get to the airport by 6. 

Kuala Lumpur has two terminals, so we had to say goodbye to Breanne’s parents quickly, as we were dropped off first, and the taxi line had to keep moving.  It was a quick, bittersweet goodbye.  So much fun with them!

Checked in was pretty uneventful.  AirAsia has you print your boarding pass, and baggage tickets yourself.  When we got to the counter, the gentleman let us know we needed to put the luggage stickers on ourselves, and did a quick run-through.  Even after asking him to repeat, I still don’t know what he was saying.  “So, this sticker you take, this sticker stays on the bag, and this sticker I keep??”

After AirAsia delayed my luggage on the last flight, I was skeptical.  Getting in to Japan would have crushed my dreams of jumping out of the terminal, and running as fast I could into the country…I’ve been waiting to get to Japan my entire life!

Luggage arrived, immigration was so stress-free, and we were off standing in line at the tourist info counter.  You can get tons of discounts and offers if you just wait, and buy your tickets for transit, travel, or shows in advance.  Turns out, if we really budget our expenses, we can save more money by buying individual passes ourselves.  If we were going to the aquarium (which holds a whale shark), a show, Universal Studios, or trying to visit the entire Kansai area, it would have been worth buying a pass. 

Got a coffee, bought the train ticket, and off we went into Japan!!