Tokyo (Wow!)

The city that just keeps going.  

Seriously.  Tokyo has something like 9 different neighborhoods, and they all could be their very own city, with their own downtown, own skyscrapers, museums, shops, restaurants, it's huge!!!!

Unbelievable, would be used to describe our experience in Tokyo.  AirBnb about a 5 min walk near Shinjuku was an amazing perk to have.  Where to begin??  Might as well start with Shinjuku!

Every neighborhood in Tokyo has their own vibe and feel to it.  These dispersed neighborhoods ( all have their own museums, restaurants, nightlife, skyscrapers (they each have their own skyscrapers), city landmarks, and a ton of people. 13 mil (proper) to throw a number out there.

The nightlife in Tokyo can be described as the Zipper carnival ride.  Remember that thing?  It's crazy!  So big, so vast, so much action.  This city can't sleep, and you don't want to even if you could.  You just want to keep going, and Tokyo has the perfect late night indulgent in karaoke bars.  They're famous for them.  Doesn't matter how old you are, or if you flat out suck, because everyone is welcomed...and laughed at!

The beauty that rests in those cherry blossom trees is all truth.  Tourism spikes during the spring in Japan just because these damn trees begin to blossom.  They're gorgeous.  We were lucky enough to have some of them blossoming while walking through Tokyo's parks on a sunny Sunday afternoon.  

One of the more popular temples in Tokyo, is the Meiji Shrine.  It's located in one of the many beautiful parks in Tokyo.  We happen to be walking through during a festival.  Became almost a trance watching everything.  

The food...oh the food.  I'll be dreaming of those bowls of ramen every single day for the rest of my life.  Every bowl is a surprise every time!  It's so much fun.  You never really know what kind of ramen you're getting.  Tonkotsu, shoyu, shio, miso, tsukemen, and I'll even throw in the different types of soba noodles there are out there.  Every bowl was different.  The main point is, every bowl was delicious.  Even when you order the type of ramen you want, each place does it differently.