ToM Valentines Day

We left our Airbnb in Tokyo and took the train to the airport, had one last bowl of ramen, and checked in for our 7pm flight. The airline tenant asked to see our visas for Chile. I had a mild heart attack and told her we didn't need visas since we're from the US.... She said that if we were going for more than 90 days, then we needed them. I told her we were only going for 5 days and she said okay. Phew!

The 12 hour flight to Toronto, Canada went smoothly and we even had a row of 4 seats to ourselves. Bonus for Valentines Day! ;)

We arrived in Toronto at 5pm and experienced some weird airport protocol. Everyone was crabby and didn't quite know where to send us. Because our layover was longer than 5 hours, they sent us through immigration and we had to go back through security. Weird. That took a while so by the time we were back through, we only had 5 more hours until our flight left. We headed to the lounge. Free wine and food and it's still Valentines Day in North America. We'll take it!

Our flight left an hour late, not sure why, and then it was 11 more hours down to Santiago, Chile. This flight was packed.

We got through security smoothly and waited for our bags. Blakes bag didn't show up, so we filed a report. :( 2 hours later we were finally leaving the airport and boarding a bus into the city. After transferring to the train and walking 10 minutes, we were finally at our hotel!

Around 40 hours of travel door to door. We checked in to our hotel, took some much needed showers and laid down to take a nap. We were interrupted a little later by a guy from the hotel trying to get into our room. I stumbled to the door half asleep and saw that he was delivering Blakes bag! Yay! Back to bed...