ToM Argentina

It was a quick 5 day tour in Chile but we're moving on to Argentina!

We walked 30 minutes to the bus station and boarded our double decker bus at 8am. We climbed through the Andes Mountains and made it to the land border crossing in 5 hours.

The whole immigration process took about 2 hours. Everyone had to wait in line (by bus) to get permission to leave Chile and enter Argentina. We only had to wait in one line for both countries to be processed, so that was nice. We then waited for our bus to be brought into the main area, where they unloaded our bags and checked our carry-ons. Nothing went through a scanner or metal detector so I'm not quite sure how they checked everything. I was called over to open my big backpack and the man simply looked inside.

We were on our way with our passports stamped. Another 3 hours of gorgeous scenery and we arrived in Mendoza. It was HOT! Like 95 degrees hot at 5pm. We loaded on our packs and set out to find an ATM for some Argentinean Pesos. After 3 attempts at the ATM, trying different amounts, we finally pulled out some money. They have limits on cash so we could only pull out $100. 

After a failed attempt at the local bus, we gave up and took a $12 cab instead. We arrived at our hostel/home stay just outside of Mendoza at 7:30 pm.