Buenos Aires: Paris of South America

Close!  But no, it's not like Paris.  It's just such a different atmosphere from Europe.  All of South America really, and no exception with Buenos Aires.  There's a laid back attitude to everything, and it works beautifully.  Siesta's are taken seriously, and people are just beginning to go out for dinner at 10PM.  I still can't figure out how people still wake up to go to work the next day, but it's all part of the beauty of being relaxed.  

Theater, music, and art are thriving within the city.  Plenty of opportunities to catch a local theater, or national for a more expensive ticket.  Jazz clubs are dispersed about, and hold live performances every night.  Can't get too far into this without mentioning tango.  Intimate, close, personal.  It's a beautiful dance that can be done like a Vegas style show.  Out on the street during one of the many markets, or even going to a club to possibly gain the courage of stepping out on the dance floor to show off your dance moves.  There are places that hold dance classes for a couple hours and the club opens up to everyone later in the night.  Fun stuff.  

The food, restaurants, and wine are all beautiful.  Amazing ingredients, fun atmosphere's, and creative spaces help to create an intriguing nightlife scene amongst multiple neighborhoods.  

Buenos Aires is a very active port town right off the coast, but where's the beach!?  There aren't beaches located within the city, and the best option would be to drive a couple hours to the nearby towns.  But you still have plenty of parks dispersed about, architecture to admire and the famous Recoleta Cemetery to stroll through.  

An amazing place to travel to.  An amazing place to get lost in.  After traveling around Patagonia, checking out Iguazu Falls, the Andes, or wine country up north, it's the perfect place to get out and hit the streets...Late!