Seed Collecting in my Yard (It’s more fun than you think, trust me)

I planted 36 species within five habitats all in my yard, and I love watching all the attraction of insects/pollinators/microbes that take place.

Part of the fun of having a prairie…Alright, Time-out…Too much self-loathing on having a prairie…I’m weird, I get it. But seriously, having neighbors stop and say it’s an inspiration, ALSO helps telling my wife this whole crazy thing is all worth it.

The plants that have grown, end up seeding out and producing more seed. So, you collect this seed of the certain species you want to see in other under-performing areas.

The idea is to have 6-9 species per square foot. That’s coming from me, not a book or anything. I just think that’s about what I want to see.

So keep my head down, walk around my yard (like a chicken) in circles, and drop the seed I just collected within areas that need more species.

That’s it!