Spring comes to an end (Some points)

The end for spring plants seems to be here.  Everything is flowering, and will soon set seed.  All plants seem to be around 2-3 weeks early due to a warmer than usual spring.

As a prairie manager I'm worried about specific invasive plants on site such as Reed Canary Grass, Pastinaca, and soon Birdsfoot trefoil.  

Taking control of cool season grasses such as fescue and brome are important as well right now.  Although not considered invasive, they are still aggressive, and have the ability to choke out the native plants trying to become established.  Mowing at a height of 6-8 inches is a technique used on a 2nd year prairie.  This avoids clipping the natives, and takes out the higher grasses.  Give the natives a chance, and let them breath!!