What needed to happen...for this to happen.

Breanne and I finally got the news. Our realtor called us, and said, “We have someone.” We responded, “For what?” Her reply, “To rent your condo for the price you need to travel.” (Silence)

Oh my God!

This whole process was about five months. The only way we could travel would require a few things.

  1. Our condo needed to be rented out fully furnished for a high asking price. This is because we needed some income while we traveled.

  2. We needed to sell the only car we own for cash.

  3. Someone needed to watch our dog while we were gone.

OK, we got the person to rent out our place, but what about our dog! Many late night tears into wine glasses as we cried with our dog asking, what in the world is wrong with you guys. Well, it wasn’t that much of a stretch as Breanne’s parents also have a dog, and were happily willing to take their “granddog.”

So, we were set. World. Here. We. Come.