What I've learned from trying to write a novel

Yes, exactly what the picture depicts…lost of coffee.

It’s an amazing experience. To gather your thought and ideas into one collaborative story while trying to mix in plot twists and hide certain characters, while building other, is truly an amazing experience.

Aaaand lost of perseverance and lost of hard work…but so much fun.

I thought my book was about finished almost a year ago. And then again almost eleven months ago. And then ten. And then nine…you get the picture. It became a great learning lesson for me. What rewriting, editing, and new story lines introduced does, is build characterization and make the story stronger.

I can’t imagine my book not having these characters the way they are now and it was because I wrote them in three different ways, only to delete two of their paths, learn from that, and now know what path they didn’t go down for specific reasons.

One example. One of the protagonists (I know I know…how many protagonists do you have!!?), I’ve switched out three different times with a new profession, a new age, and a love interest. Because, every book needs sex. No??

But after all of those rewrites, I continued to deny or accept what I originally liked about the character. It only took me a year to figure that out, but at least I figured it out.

Writing is a magical place that occurs inside your head, and you hope it translates reeeeeally well on paper.

I’ve cried. I’ve thrown my pen. I’ve bought multiple journals (and filled them all). It’s all worth it.

To those of you family members and close friends I sent my first manuscript to (I know! Don’t do that!), I’m sorry. I’m sorry I rushed to get it out there, and to receive feedback that never came inevitably because the story was just that bad. And believe me. It was that bad.

BUT! Once again, by even sending out that first manuscript, it made a beginning writer like me see more clearly (imagining) how other people will read the story. And a lot changed. Pretty much everything changed.

The story is about human trafficking. A topic I’ve been on since college and have since volunteered at shelters for. I told myself this would be the first book I would write no matter what. I didn’t realize how hard some of those scenes are to write. Especially when one of the biggest drawbacks to the argument, is sensationalized media and their Hollywood view on trafficking.

Journalists, libraries, and peer reviewed online research are wonderful tools to guide me.

This is the first post I’ve done on the novel. It’s bittersweet as I’ve been writing this since about halfway through Breanne and my around the world trip. I still love doing it. My dream is to publish this book and raise awareness of the poverty issues in our world, and reminding people not to turn their backs on our own species. Because, we’re all in this together.