Two cocktails


When I was in the restaurant industry, there are a lot of ways to impact your guests. One of the ways is creating a cocktail.

These aren’t probably you’re every day cocktail you’ll make at home…but who’s stopping you!?

The first drink I created is called ATP.

This drink has an interesting component that plays out very friendly. My take on this is murky, interesting, and finishes refreshing.



1.5 Campari

.75 Lime

.5 Marachino

.25 Violette

.25 Lemon

Full Dropper Absinthe

Cobbled ice, Collins glass, top w/Sprite, Garnish w/orange swath (for color contrast)

Why choose ATP for the name?

This drink reminds me of life. When life first formed, it needed to grow and evolve. That’s

what life does. It craves success and existence. In order to execute this, organisms

needed to produce ATP. Once ATP is produced, cells now have the ability of

movement and energy to grow and evolve. We still use ATP today, and I believe

with the weird components in this drink, and the revitalizing feeling you get while

drinking it, you’ll want to evolve as well. (lol)

The second drink I created, is Huck Finn.

The Aperol keeps the drink up (bright), Mezcal gives it a smoky/interesting body, and chartreuse gives it the ability to stand up by itself.


1.5 Mezcal

.75 Lime

.25 Grapefruit juice

.5 Aperol

.5 Simple

.25 Gr Chartreuse

Five kold draft cubes, shake it like you mean it. Served up, topped w/grapefruit discard

These drinks are delicious so have fun with them! They’re also striking in appearance and a great party attribute when you have people over.