Badlands, Black Hills, and Good ole' Colorado

We left Minneapolis after work and stayed in Sioux Falls, SD overnight. We woke up and breathed in that wonderful South Dakota air. The speed limit is 80, so we just took right off for the Badlands, and 4 hours later, we were at the Badlands. And. It. Was. Weird. And super cool!

We picked up the park pass that lasts 1 week for $20. This came in handy as on our way back from CO, we ended up camping right outside the park. It was amazing.

The Badlands went through three different geologic periods. Ancient seas and rivers contribute to the forming of these rock structures. In some places, you can literally see the different time zones based on the coloration of the rocks. It’s a geologists playground, and really cool for anyone to go through.

We journeyed on to the Black Hills to our campsite, and it was nothing short of pristine and beautiful. Easy access, beautiful camping, and quaint little towns dot all over the southwestern corner of SD. Even though we didn’t get to the Crazy Horse Memorial, or Mount Rushmore (didn’t everyone do that as kids??), we’ll get back there again some day.

Custer State Park is where our campsite was located, and from the pictures below you can see, just how beautiful it was.

Also, super proud of our dog as he was a heck of a hiker…might I even say boulderer?? He climbed massive rocks all the way back up the trail, and we completed our 3 mile hike in just under two hours. Nice little morning hike.

Off to Colorado.

We stopped in Denver to see our friends from Chicago. We haven’t met their baby boy yet…look how cute he is!!



Alright, now for family and wedding time! We had a blast. Colorado Springs was great. The wedding was beautiful. Heard the best speech I’ve ever heard by far from the groom (my cousin Seth), and it was so much fun being with family. Until next time CO.