Having some fun up in northern MN

Few places can make you feel at home like the north shore of Lake Superior does.  There's a different feel up there, and time certainly goes slower.  

It takes about 4 hours from the Twin Cities to get past Duluth, through all the small towns along the coast, to Grand Marais.  The key is to take your time going north and stop along the way.  

There's a plentiful treks to accomplish and beautiful scenery to take pictures of.  The smoked fish shops are multiple as you travel up.  Our favorite is Russ' Smoked Fish Shack about 30 miles north of Duluth.  Castle Danger brewery is just ten minutes from the fish shack, and you can bring food in while you drink their delicious beer!  Win win! 

The hikes continue and the pup did great!

Canoeing also kind of goes hand in hand with the north shore ; )

It happened to be my birthday...We fished, canoed, drank beer, and ate fried fish.  Great day.