Istanbul, Turkey


So, we were redirected and put in a hotel in Istanbul for about 36 hours. We were insanely excited we couldn’t wait to get out and explore!


One thing to note…When we walked out that first night, we had done no research whatsoever, and just thought we’d head out to find something to eat. Well, my wife is a blonde, young, and wore a white leather jacket…

Yeah, she stuck out a little bit. We ended up having one of the best meals I’ve ever had. No one spoke English, we couldn’t read the menu, they served us a four course meal, and I had to leave to get the right amount of money from an ATM. They also put napkins over our coffee at the end of the meal, took out a lighter, and lit the napkins on fire. It was extremely small, but magical (lol).

We also hit up as many tourist destinations as we could. It was insanely cool.