Spoon and Stable

(Pictured: My dad, his best friend)—> There’s little in life as enjoyable as seeing your father dine within the restaurant you manage, while you watch as the strings are pulled, and his experience unfolds before your eyes. It’s amazing…

Paying attention to detail.  Knowledge of menu.  Guests are supreme.  

When I first put on my coat for my first night at Spoon and Stable, I was met with fierce professionalism across the board. 

The lights dimmed down, the fires started up, and the doors were opened.  

My expectations were through the roof...and Spoon didn't disappoint.  

The man at the top of this empire, is a Minnesota native that came home to bring the house down with his Chef instincts.  Chef Gavin Kaysen.  

Of everything I learned from Chef Kaysen, there was one thing Chef demands:  Work Hard.  

Chef demands excellence and expects it from his team.  The plates that are ultimately placed on the menu, have been scrutinized from a team that GK has placed around him that exudes perfection.    

My role as assistant general manager, was to make sure my general manager had sufficient support (menus, scheduling, coffee fill-ups...), ensuring the front of house staff had everything (knowledge and energy) they needed for the night, and making sure anyone that walked through that door for that night, was going to have an unforgettable experience.  I always felt Spoon and Stable was a Gatsby party, and everything was perfect. 

Also on my docket was ordering all dry goods outside of liquor and food.  I enjoyed this as I could set my own schedule, and create new relationships with our vendors.  

Spoon is an amazing restaurant, and I'm very fortunate Chef Kaysen gave me a shot on his team.  I'll forever be indebted to him, as he welcomed me into his family when I first moved up to Minnesota.  

Spoon was recently named a top 40 most influential restaurant by Food and Wine (https://bit.ly/2MjsLI4), and GK is a two time James Beard award winner (https://bit.ly/2N48KGZ). 

The restaurant crushes, and please visit if you haven't been.  You will not be disappointed.