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The Jump Off

BB Adventures

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Travel USA

Living in a country with so much beauty is an amazing luxury. Getting to everything the US has to offer can be tough. Here’s to trying to get it all in!


Travel International

Nothing like landing in a foreign country at 3AM and bartering in a currency you’ve never used before, to finally get down to a price still over the expected rate listed on the sign posted right in front of you. Let’s go!!!

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Trip Around the World

We quit our jobs, rented out the condo, sold the car, shipped off the dog (to our parents), and away we went.


Food & Drink

Explore the world of Food & Drink within the articles we can share here.


48 Hrs Itinerary

This gives you a look at the top tourist destinations within cities around the world with food and drink options (the best ones) along the way. Get after it!!

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Habitat Exploration

These are all articles on Ecological awareness and how we can be better stewards to the Earth!



Jazz centric, Americana, Hip-hop,

with a taste of everything else. Enjoy!

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